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Subscription FAQ

Before you start your subscription service, please read through the information below.

Still have questions?   Send us an email

How does it work? 

Pick a size- small, medium, large, deluxe

Pick a style- hand tied bouquet (not available for large/deluxe sizes) or arrangement in a vase

Set the frequency- once or twice a month

Set the duration- 3 or 6 month subscription

...and flowers will either be delivered to your door or available for pickup. Hurray!

Is delivery Free?

If you're within 10 miles of the zip code 06423 (East Haddam, CT) then delivery is free

For those within 11-20 miles it's $5 per delivery

For those within 21-30 miles it's $10 per delivery

For those within 31-45 miles it's $20 per delivery

If you live outside of a 45 mile radius please get in touch to see if delivery can be arranged. 

Please check you radius and select the proper delivery option when placing your order. 

Why should I subscribe? 

With a subscription comes the benefit of big savings as opposed to purchasing a one off arrangement- think of it as cost sharing with your fellow subscribers. So if you love having fresh flowers in your home, office or business on the regular, this is a no brainer for your wallet. 

what flowers will i get? 

During the growing season (April-October) all arrangements will include flowers from local farms, and thus will be full of seasonal blooms. In the late Fall through Winter (November-March) flowers will feel in tune with the season or holidays. There will also be the option for dried arrangements during that time and you will be contacted to select that option if you'd prefer it. Flowers will always be of Wisp's choosing and cannot be customized for subscriptions. 

why is there a range in the number of stems?

Since all of the flowers will be of Wisp's choosing, sometimes we may opt to give you a stem count on the lower end of the range for your selected size so that we can include an expensive bloom vs. more of your average blooms. This is why we give a range in the stem count, not because we want to give you less, but rather because we'd like to include something really fancy when we have it available. Think heirloom roses, tropical florals, dinner plate dahlias, or a jaw dropping peony (looking at you claire de lune!)

when will i get my flowers? 

Flowers will be available during the first and/or third week of every month. Pickup orders will be ready on Thursdays and delivery orders will be dropped off on Fridays. You do not need to be home for your flowers to be delivered- this can be discussed an arranged on an individual basis. 

do i keep the vase?

For subscriptions that include a vase, while you are welcome to keep them, in an effort to be a low waste, sustainable florist, Wisp asks that you please swap vases and return any mechanics that may be inside starting with your second delivery/pickup. The vases we select will be of a higher quality and returning them will help keep them that way. 

so why do vase arrangements cost more than hand tied bouquets?

You may be thinking, why are vase arrangements priced higher, especially if the vase is being returned? Well they actually take longer to create than a hand tied bouquet and often require additional materials. Vase arrangements will feel highly designed and dynamic, with highs and lows, negative space and parts that flow over and arranged to specifically fit the vessel they're in. Hand tied bouquets are arranged so when you untie them and drop them into your own vase, they will remain looking as Wisp intended when they were wrapped up for you, but maybe with a little bit of adjusting on your part. Still gorgeous, just a different aesthetic. 

can i pause my subscription? 

Short answer, yes. However please get in touch at least 10 days prior to the delivery/pickup date you would like to skip. Any requests after that may not be able to be accommodated. You can skip a delivery once with 3 month subscriptions and twice with 6 month subscriptions- requests for more than that may be denied. Delivery schedule will go back to normal post the pause and the skipped delivery/pickup will be added to your end date. 

can i gift a subscription? 

Absolutely! Just purchase the type of subscription service you'd like to gift and send us a message notifying us it's a gift purchase- we'll get in touch with the recipient and set up the service with them directly. We'll even send you a printable/emailable "gift card" you can give to them. 

what are the holiday pre-orders all about?

Well just like it sounds- pre place an order for the available holidays listed in the shop and guarantee you'll have stunning florals for the occasion. By placing a pre-order you'll also get the benefit of saving some money by- you guessed it- cost sharing again! These are also available for delivery so please select the add-on service if you're outside of the free 10 mile radius delivery zone and of course pickup is always free. 

I still have a question...

Not a problem, send us an email, instagram message or give us a call with whatever you still have questions on and we will walk you through it. 

ok, i'm ready, let's do this!

Wonderful! Head to the shop to select and start your service. Wisp will be in touch once your order is received to set up your start date and delivery/pickup schedule. 

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